To be fair to all participants, Registration Form and Payment must be received prior to casting day.

Student Name *
Student Name
What grade/school will the student be in for the Fall 2018 semester?
Primary Address *
Primary Address
Mother's Mobile Phone Number *
Mother's Mobile Phone Number
Father's Mobile Phone Number *
Father's Mobile Phone Number
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Authorized Pickup Person(s) *
Authorized Pickup Person(s)
Authorized Pickup Person's Phone Number
Authorized Pickup Person's Phone Number
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Please list any known allergies that affect student. If none, please indicate N/A.
How did you hear about Musical Theatre KIDS? *
The Show Must Go On *
I understand that MTK has the right to make any changes during the rehearsal process, within the format of the show, to insure the best performance for all.
Medical/Emergency Agreement *
I acknowledge that my child currently has medical insurance and will continue to do so during their participation in the MTK Programs. In the event of an emergency, MTK will make every effort to contact parents first and then the emergency contact listed on their registration form. If MTK cannot contact the parents or emergency contact then I agree to authorize MTK to arrange medical treatment.
Inappropriate Behavior *
MTK does not tolerate physical aggression, inappropriate behavior towards anyone, continued refusal to participate, (i.e. not taking direction from the director, choreographer, vocal coach or the costumier), inability to pay attention and focus or the lack of preparation. This behavior will result in dismissal from the program without refund.
Absences *
If your child misses a rehearsal, is late or leaves early, this may result in them not being able to participate in a portion of the production. This is due strictly to the time limitations of the program. If your child is ill and will miss rehearsal, please contact MTK at (914) 584-8201 as soon as possible.
Photos/Videos *
I agree to allow MTK to use and reproduce all photographs, videos, sound recordings or other copyrighted materials containing my child.
Payments/Refunds *
I agree that MTK does not offer refunds or credit upon cancellations, after the time of registration, for all MTK productions. Payment plans are available if necessary and will be arranged on an individual basis.