Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does the child need experience to participate?
A.   Absolutely not. The programs are designed for students at all levels - from beginners to the budding professional.

Q.  What is the purpose of the Auditions?
A.  The Auditions take place some time before the camp or workshop starts. It  is our opportunity to meet the students and have the chance to see them sing, dance and act, which then allows us to assign each child the role that is best suited for them. This is also called casting day.

Q.  What is a deciding factor in which roles they get to play?
A.   Our deciding factor and goal for casting is to challenge the child yet not overwhelm them.

Q.  How does the cast learn the show in such a short period?
A.  Once role casting is accomplished, we distribute the scripts and music to the children so they have time to  memorize their lines and songs and be familiar with the show before camps/workshops start.

Q.  What do they need to wear to camp?
A.  Comfortable clothing that they can easily move in. Dance shoes are preferred for safety reasons, but not mandatory. Flip-flops and sandals are not permitted. Hair should be pulled back out of the student's face.

Q. What is a typical day at a camp/workshop like? 
A. We begin with vocal, acting and dance warm ups. We then divide into smaller groups to learn choreography, music, scene work, and have costume fittings.  Then the groups rotate. Late in the morning we have snack and recess time outside. Towards the end of the day we re-group and review what we have learned that day. Our days also include theatre games, improvisational exercises, and tons of fun!